Friday, 9 November 2018

Quality Manual in ISO 9001:2015

QUALITY MANUAL importance in 9001:2015

Required or not?

This is only conflict due to new revision of ISO 9001.  Since Manual is not required in 2015 updation, but it keeps value in companies.

So, what is a quality manual?

A quality manual describe the company’s intentions for operating the process of Quality Management System. It can include policies for all areas of the business its affect the ability to make high quality products which meets customers and ISO These policies define how your department managers will implement procedures within the boundaries specified in the quality manual.

An important note

Many other quality management system standards based on ISO 9001 are still requiring a quality manual. If your standard requires one, then you must maintain a quality manual.

Here are some uses for a quality manual.
  1. To communicate management’s expectations to employees
  2. To demonstrate the company’s plan to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  3. To demonstrate the fulfillment of Clause 5.3, that organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities are assigned, communicated and understood
  4. To provide a starting point for auditors:
    1. Internal
    2. Customer
    3. ISO Certification Body
For users of ISO 9001:2015, the contents of your quality manual are completely up to you. But, remember that everything you say you do, you must show evidence that you really do it! So be careful what you include and make sure the policies reflect actual practices. Here are some common topics included in quality manuals:

  • Quality policy
  • Explanation of the company’s documentation structure
  • Organizational chart
  • Policy statements for each applicable ISO requirement
  • Reference to operating procedures
Of course, your quality manual may not cover each of these, and it may include much more. The trick is to find a balance between all that could be in there and what really needs “to be”.


To develop a quality manual, you might consider these steps:
  1. List policies to be written (note any ISO requirements that do not apply).
  2. Draft policies based on applicable ISO requirements.
  3. List operating procedures or refer to them as appropriate.
  4. Determine format and structure of the manual and make the first draft.
  5. Circulate the draft manual for input from all departments and address inadequacies identified.
  6. Attain a formal approval and release.
So many things are in Quality Manual. Its just a try to spread awareness for ISO 


Wednesday, 24 October 2018

What do you mean by "HACCP" ?

HACCP means hazard analysis critical control point. This tool is used to identify risk in food industry, when hazards have been identified then we have to take prevented action to stop it so quality of food products and concern party will not be effective.

There are several categories in Food Hazards including biological, chemical & physical depending on the types of food industry.

The 7 Principles of HACCP

There are 7 principles of HACCP which include conducting a hazard analysis, determining the Critical Control Points, establishing Critical Limits,  establishing corrective actions to apply when monitoring indicates a loss of control, the establishment of procedures for verification and the establishment of documentation and records.

1. Analysis of hazard

Identify the hazard in food industry ( production industry, manufacture industry and distribution industry). Assess the weak points  and measure for their control.

2. Determine the Critical Control Points

Determine the points, procedures or operational steps that can be controlled to eliminate the hazard(s) or minimize its (their) likelihood of occurrence.  A “step” means any stage in food production and/or manufacture including the receipt and/or production of raw materials, harvesting, transport, formulation, processing, storage, etc.

3. Identity Critical limit

Establish critical limit ensures the risk is under control. A critical limit is a criteria that separates acceptability from unacceptability. Critical limits may be descriptive or not.

4. Establish a system to monitor control of HACCP

Establish a system to monitor control of the HACCP by scheduled testing or observations. Monitoring is used to determine when a hazard maybe out of control. The frequency and method of monitoring needs to be established along with who is responsible for conducting the monitoring.

5. Corrective actions

Corrective action should be taken through industry because without corrective action how can we remove non conformity in our system. Through proper training staff will get to know which kind of corrective action they have to apply in industry.

6. Vehement procedures for verification

Verification should be very pure and and in a right direction. Auditor knows everything about standard he has quality to identify it . Auditor make sure that he never miss any non conformity in food industry because this is very necessary that company should maintain HACCP standard so quality of product can increase.

7. Maintain documentation and records

Proper record keeping is necessary for HACCP system. HACCP standard should be documented. Documentation and record Keeping should be maintain according to HACCP procedure.

In standard so many things are there but its just a try to aware regarding HACCP . So everyone knows that how standard is important for our life.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

ISO 22000:2005 - Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000 is a food safety management system that can be applied to any organization which belongs to food chain industry. If your organization ISO 22000 certified that means your organization have food safety management system in place. This provide the confidence to the customer on your product. Customer demands safe and healthy food and food processors require that ingredient obtained from their supplier to be safe and healthy for their customers.

ISO 22000 is developed by the International Organization for  Standardization (ISO) to manage the food safety and security. ISO 22000 is an overall endorsement standard that portrays the necessities of sustenance prosperity organization systems wherever all through the world.

The standard has necessities for Food Safety Management Systems procedures and techniques, and necessitates that the association execute essential projects and HACCP.

What does ISO 22000:2005 require:

ISO 22000:2005 requires that your organization have built a food safety management system. This means that your organization will have a documented management system in place and fully implemented in your organization. Some of the points includes:

  • To ensure a clean sanitary environment a effective prerequisite program in place
  • To identify, prevent and eliminate food safety hazards a hazards analysis and critical control points (HACCP) developed in the organization.
  • To manage food safety throughout your organization you will have to establish a documented food safety management processes.

The specific requirements for food safety management system:

  • Policy for food safety management system
  • Setting objective 
  • Documented management system for food safety
  • Maintain records of the management systems
  • Maintain a food safety team of qualified professionals
  • Having an emergency plan
  • Holding the management review meeting to check the performance of food safety management system
  • Following HACCP Principle
  • Corrective action plan
  • Procedure for handling withdrawal of products
  • Manage a internal audit program
  • Continuously improving the food safety management system

Monday, 15 October 2018

What is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification

As a rule, most associations and organizations will have some type of controls set up to oversee data security. These controls are important as data is a standout amongst the most significant resources that a business possesses. In any case, the adequacy of such an arrangement is dictated by how well these controls are sorted out and checked. Numerous associations present security controls aimlessly: some are acquainted with give particular answers for particular issues, while others are frequently presented essentially as an issue of tradition. Such an arbitrary security strategy will just address certain parts of IT or information security, and can leave profitable non-IT data resources like printed material and exclusive learning less ensured and helpless. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard was acquainted with location these issues.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is specification of information security management system (ISMS). ISO/IEC 27001 formally indicates an administration framework that is planned to bring data security under express administration control. Being a formal determination implies that it commands particular prerequisites. Associations that case to have embraced ISO/IEC 27001 can along these lines be formally evaluated and ensured consistent with the standard.

As per its documentation, ISO 27001 was produced to "give a model to building up, executing, working, observing, checking on, keeping up and enhancing a information security management framework."

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Benefits:

  • Protecting of the security targets privacy, accessibility, uprightness, validness, and unwavering quality of data
  • Decreased danger of administration obligation
  • A clear commitment to third parties and stake holder about information security
  • It will ensure the fulfillment of commercial, contractual and legal responsibility
  • It accommodates between operability between associations or gatherings inside an association

Saturday, 13 October 2018

ISO Certification for Education Institute

In the competitive market, every education institute want to get recognized their system with national or international level. Most of the educational institute don't know how to improve their system. ISO Certification helps these educational institute to achieve the level they want for their institute, but many of the education institute don't know what is ISO certification or how to get certified their institute.

The best way to certified your education institute is to contact with the certification body, if you are aware about the process of ISO certification. If you are not familiar with the process then choose a ISO consultancy firm who help you to choose ISO certification and also help you to prepare the ISO documents which are needed during the process.

ISO Certification benefits for educational institute:

ISO standards are rapidly implemented in many services industries or organization such as banking, government firms, private companies, educational institutions. Some of the benefits for implemented ISO standards are:
  • It will help to achieve international approval from other educational institute
  • international system to be robust
  • managed international skill level 
  • help to get the edge over the other educational institute with an international approval
These benefits are only possible when you completely implemented ISO standard to your school, institute, computer center and other educational organization. Every person who relates to your management system, quality training  must be provided.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

What is an ISO Audit?

An audit is the process in which the organization shows the evidence to the auditor that the organization working to the required system. This is compulsory while taking ISO certification from a reputed certification body. A qualified professional auditor will come to your organization to validate the management system with required ISO standard, and request to see all the evidence of your organization related to the management system like process and procedure to ensure the system is being used and maintained on regular basis.

The auditor analyse your organization management system and find all the gap or non conformity related to the required standard. The auditor will compose a report for certification body and also handover a copy to you. If all the management system match with the requirement of ISO standard then you are able to get your ISO certification.

Audit Types

Internal Audit: Internal audits are the audits that performed by the organization itself. Internal audit performed on-site to check the quality management system of your organization. These audits are performed to prepare the organization for external audit. The internal auditor must be independent to get the best result.

External Audit: It includes customer, supplier, certification and surveillance audit to verify the management system. A customer audit in which customer a potential customer check your organization system to match with their requirements. A supplier audit is used to check the system of there supplier to meet with the requirement. A Certification Audit is the audit in which a registrar or certification body will conduct a audit in your organization to check that your quality management system is match with the required ISO standard. After conducting the certification audit which is in two part Stage 1 or Stage 2 the registrar will issue the certificate to your organization. And a surveillance audit is performed by the registrar after one year of certification to verify that you are continuously working on the particular standard.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Why you need ISO 9001 Certification?

When we talk with the companies to obtain ISO 9001:2015 Certification they will ask a question "Why we need ISO 9001:2015 Certification?". ISO 9001:2015 is a Quality Management System (QMS) standard. There are lots of benefits for any company if they are taking ISO 9001 Certification. So, why should your organization need ISO 9001:2015 Certification?

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

To Become ISO 9001:2015 certified, you have to face the physical audit from the side of certification body to verify the management system of your organization is actually meet with the standard. Benefits of ISO 9001:2015

Meet with the customer requirements:

Usually people takes QMS for satisfaction of their customer, they required only short term profit but they forget that if customer totally satisfied with life span it will be beneficial for their company reputation which is very good for continual growth of company.
Its not a piece of paper it is actually a complete process which improve standard of work .

Gets commercial benefits ( new customers ):

Once you get certification of ISO, New customers, vendors or contractors according to your work profile approach you . People show more faith on an ISO certified company.

Rectify impurities and improve standard:

Quality Management System is only for quality, it means quality of your company as well as products is supreme and it is certified by ISO. 

Gain customers faith and satisfaction:

Now a days every one knows about ISO certificate . So people shows more faith on ISO certified products and of course it help people to choose better products and better service. Because if company follow guidelines of QMS sure it shows very positive effect on products and services. 

Shows light on company process & describe it:

ISO 9001 can describe you work style and every thing about your company it improves your company standard and yes removes all non conformity from your system. If company work process is clear so company will growth surely

Save capital, Manage waste & Improve Work efficiency:

In this world no one is perfect that's why ISO says always continual improvement which is very good for organization through this process you know it how invest and where invest. You get to know how can you manage your company waste and not to harm environment also it can improve our strategy so we can do better work and more efficient.

Achieve your international goal:

Organization can improve their standard through the help of ISO Quality Management System. We can achieve our national and international goals  too with the help of ISO standards . This is very effective for company growth and their work process.

Meanwhile, No one is perfect but the end is perfect everything is perfect , so just want to be in queue of perfection so please go with ISO certification it surely help you and at the end of time you will get to know that you are on right path