Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cost & Time for ISO Certification

Cost for ISO Certification is not fixed it's depends on company to company. ISO Certification cost calculated by the ISO Certification Body separately for each organization after evaluating different factors of the company. The ISO Cost depends on the factors:

  a). Number of Employee.
  b). Number of Process.
  c). The number of working shift of the organization.
  d). The Number of the site of the organization.
  e). The scope of the organization.
  f). Time involved in the certification process.

Time taken for getting ISO Certification:

In ISO Certification process time is also varies from organization to organization. The actual idea of time taken for ISO Certification process is given by ISO Certification body after assessing all the factors and size of the organization.

In most of cases the time taken for getting ISO Certification is:

  a). For Small Organization : 3 to 4 month
  b). For Medium Organization : 6 to 8 month
  c). For Large Organization: 12 to 15 month

For Getting Complete idea for ISO Certification process & cost, Please visit the website below:

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